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ATIS Aviation Academy achievements

-    The Academy held its huge annual ceremony, celebrating its five-yearanniversary and welcoming the newcomer students and flight attendance and aviation graduates in Egypt.The ceremony witnessed the most distinctive attendance in Egypt and the Middle East. The academy gained trust as senior officers of the biggest airlines, Media and press men and Civil Aviation Authority had attended the Ceremony. The most famous artists in Egypt performed in the celebration which was covered by Al NaharTv. The Airlines supported the students and the graduates of the Academy by their attendance, among them were: National Aviation: Captian Tamer Shaheen-Chairman of the Board, Nesma Air: General Ahmed Abdel Hafez – Administrative Manager - Mr. Osama Al-Ghanour, Mr. Ahmed Aref – Mr. Osama Adel  .. Air Cairo: Mr. Nasr Adham – Flight services manager, Smart Airlines: Ms. EmanZayed .. Avatar Airlines: Mr. GamalMouafi .. Air Go: Mr. Ahmed Ismail .. Fly Egypt: Mr. Mamdouh Al-Fakharani, General Omar SaadZaghloul-Assistant minister of Interior.

-    The Academy license is obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority in South Africa.

-    Establishing a flight school in South Africa, making it the only Egyptian Aviation Academy which has its own flight school, instructors and jets in South Africa.

-    Opening new headquarter of the Academy in Johannesburg.

-    Recruiting a number of the academy graduates in Cairo Aviation  and National aviation  … etc.

            -Launching the biggest program and initiative to recruit pilots in Egypt.

 - The Academy contributed in the Air racing held in Bloom Fountain in South Africa and wining a distinctive place.

 - The Academy management was invited by South Africa Embassy in Cairo to participate In its national holiday celebrations, admitting that ATIS is the only Egyptian educational organization to have occupational license in South Africa. 


ATIS Annual Cermony 2014



National Day In South Africa - Embassy



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