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About US



-The only Egyptian Academy certified to work in both, Egypt and South Africa.

- ATIS Aviation Academy ensures that the understudy will complete on the concurred costs .recorded in the agreement nothing more.

- The Only Academy in South Africa which the Administrative staffs are all Egyptians and Arabs in addition to Proficiency of several foreign instructors of the Arabic language. To facilitate communication with the student.

- The Only academy that accepts payments in Egyptian Pounds.

- With our academy you won’t face any problems in transferring money to students, as you can just put the money in the academy’s bank account and the amount received by the academy will reach the student on the same day.

- The only Academy that helps the student finishes the Private Pilot License  in 4 months.

- The Academy is Keen on keeping a good relationship between all the students and the employees. We all work as in one Family, which eliminates the feeling of alienation.

- The only Academy that provides Accommodation, transportation internet service and electricity to students.

- The Only academy that guarantees that once the students leaves Cairo and reaches Johannesburg he/she is ready to take all his written exams.

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